LVA Visual Arts Audition Day Process 

IMPORTANT: In order to audition, Students MUST have submitted an Application and Scheduled an Audition Time (walk-ins are not allowed) Please prepare for the audition by reviewing Audition Requirements.

Audition Day Procedure
  1. CHECK-IN: Arrive at the Visual Arts Check-In no later than 15 minutes before your audition time. (It is not necessary to arrive any earlier.) Make sure to bring your portfolio and all required paperwork (see Audition Requirements). Label all portfolio entries with your MAGNET # on the BACK of each artwork.

  2. After Check In, students will receive an Audition Number and be escorted to the Visual Arts room to wait for their Audition Number to be called. Parents are welcome to remain in the waiting room during the audition. Bathrooms are available.

  3. When called, students will be brought to the Portfolio room to drop off their portfolios for anonymous evaluation and scoring.

  4. After dropping off their portfolios, students will be escorted to the Drawing room where they will be given 30 minutes to sketch a Still Life. Once completed, the Still Life drawings will be collected and kept for evaluation and scoring. (Please note: All materials will be provided for the drawing portion.)

  5. Following the Still Life drawing, students will be escorted back to the waiting room, their Portfolios will be returned and the audition will be complete.


The CCSD Magnet Office will receive the Audition scores and will determine the final results. Notification letters will be sent to all applicants at the end of February.