Film and Video Production Major

STEP 1: Portfolio Submission Requirements

Portfolio Content

Film and Video Production applicants must create and submit a presentation for a short film/video. This presentation should include a script, storyboard (series of panel drawings), and a shot list specifically outlining how the finished film/video will look upon completion. In addition, a brief essay (no more than one page) detailing your specific interest in film and video production must accompany your submission. 

Portfolio Description

A portfolio consists of a Script, a Storyboard, a Shot List and an Essay. The script and story board must be organized and carried in an expanding file/folder or portfolio. 


Portfolio Review by Committee

The committee will review each portfolio looking for the specific requirements outlined above. The committee will look for an applicant's ability to create original characters and storylines/plot. The storyboards will be reviewed looking for a students ability to create a series of sequential drawings that portray the most pivotal moments of the script. The shot list will be read, looking for visual details and descriptions of the finished film/video. The essay should explain all relevant information and interests in film, why do you want to be a filmmaker? 

STEP 2: Skill Demonstration

Students will be escorted to the Visual Arts building where they will have 30 minutes to create a short storyboard from a script issued by the staff.  Upon completion of the storyboard students will have a brief interview with a staff member where they present their work and discuss their interest in the Film & Video Production major.

Skill Demonstration Review by Committee

The committee will be looking for a student's ability to create a series of sequential drawings based on the narrative provided. The storyboard will be reviewed focusing on the student's choices of moments to render, along with camera shots and angles rendered in the sequence. A students ability to clearly and enthusiastically describe their interest in film and in becoming a filmmaker is the focus of the interview.   

Essay Questions:
  1. Why do you want to attend the Las Vegas Academy? 

  2. Describe two characteristics that make you a unique student? 

    Students may answer these questions in advance and bring a printout to the audition: 


Please email questions to: