Online Audition Workshop.jpg

Audition Workshop

December 05, 2020

9am - 1pm 

The Las Vegas Academy is hosting an online art-making workshop and portfolio preparation geared towards auditioning students. This is an insightful and informative opportunity for auditioning students to preview what is expected during the Online Visual Arts Audition. Registered students will be emailed specific Google Meets links based on registration information. Parents, guardians, counselors, and teachers are encouraged to attend in order to observe the process and fully understand audition expectations and requirements.

A list of all required art supplies will be emailed to students and parents. It is essential to purchasing the proper materials and supplies required for the audition. 

Auditioning students, parents, teachers, or counselors wishing to join the online workshop, must register to observe the audition workshops. Only registrants will be emailed a google meets link.