2D Visual Design Major

STEP 1: Portfolio Submission Requirements
Portfolio Content
Your portfolio submission must include the specific imagery, use of media and technique listed below: 
1. Still Life drawing using charcoal. (3-5 objects arranged on a table top with one light source)
2. Self-Portrait using graphite pencil, drawn from looking at yourself in a mirror. (no photo reference)
3. Contour Line drawing of your shoe using ballpoint pen. (expressive, loose and strong lines)
4. Colored Landscape Painting using watercolor, acrylic or oil paint. (venture outside and paint)
Additionally, Visual Design major applicants must submit a collection of 3 to 5 drawings and/or paintings, a sketchbook submission may count as one of the 3 to 5 pieces. Successful classroom assignments are acceptable. 
Portfolio Description

A portfolio consists of 7-9 pieces of artwork representing the student’s best work. Only original artwork will be accepted. Do not submit a photograph or photocopy of a drawing or painting. All pieces should be organized and carried in a purchased or homemade portfolio. 


Portfolio Review by Committee

The committee will review each portfolio looking for the specific requirements outlined by each major. In addition to requirements, the committee will be evaluating the student's use of media, the quality of mark making and whether the student is incorporating ideas or stories in their work. 

A variety of subject matter and media is encouraged. All works must be dry if painted or spray fixed if pastel, charcoal or graphite. Murals, large sculptures or fragile 3D works may be submitted as an 8"x10" color print.

STEP 2: Skill Demonstration

The applicant will complete a still-life observation drawing, using pencil during the audition. Each student will be allowed up to 30 minutes to complete his/her drawing. All materials will be provided. An 8"x10" paper will be given. Drawings must be dynamic with a clear focus and composition that moves the eye through the page. Realistic techniques such as proportion, scale, shading, overlap, and form should be implemented as much as possible. All subjects in the drawing are based on observed objects and demonstrate a definite light source. 

Skill Demonstration Review by Committee

The committee will be looking for a dynamic drawing with a clear focus and composition that moves the eye through the page. The committee will also be looking for a student's ability to draw accurate proportions, scale, overlap, and form/volume by using shading techniques. 

Essay Questions:

  1. Why do you want to attend the Las Vegas Academy? 

  2. Describe two characteristics that make you a unique student? 

    Students may answer these questions in advance and bring a printout to the audition: 


Please email questions to: